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iXtract manufacture and supply effective products designed to effectively remove hazardous particulates in the educational sector.


Educational institutions, encompassing schools, colleges and universities, share the responsibility of ensuring the safety of their students and staff. Given the diverse range of activities occurring within these environments, educators often grapple with the task of effectively managing pollutants generated during learning processes to safeguard all involved. As preparers of future workforce members, educating individuals in safe, pollution-free settings can profoundly impact their journey through education and into professional careers, ultimately contributing to healthier work environments for all.

The provision of safe and pollution-free learning environments and workplaces poses ongoing challenges for education providers. With a plethora of learning programs offered, spanning from woodworking workshops to automotive and engineering environments, iXtract provides effective solutions to maintain a clean air environment.




With the wide range of programmes offered across the educational sector it is no surprise that this also comes with a range of potentially airborne hazardous particulates that need to be effectivly controlled such as:



Dust particles, originating from metal grinding, wood processing, or other mechanical operations, are a persistent concern in educational facilities. These particles not only pose respiratory hazards but also contribute to product contamination. iXtract’s comprehensive filtration solutions, including the Wet Collector and Shaker Filter, are adept at trapping and containing these contaminants, ensuring a safe and compliant manufacturing environment.



Fumes often arise from welding, cutting and other manufacturing processes that are often taught in educational environments. They are a mix of hazardous substances that can permeate the air, posing serious health risks to individuals and potentially leading to chronic respiratory conditions. Our filtration products, such as our reverse pulse filters, are meticulously engineered to capture and filter fumes, ensuring a significant reduction in pollutants and fostering a healthier work environment.



Liquid particulates, like oil mists, droplets or aerosols, are a byproduct of processes like cooling, spraying, drilling, or dissolving. They can carry hazardous substances, thereby posing risks in an educational environment. Our products such as our oil mist filters are specifically designed to deal with liquid particulates, efficiently capturing and containing them, thus mitigating potential hazards and ensuring our clients adhere to regulatory standards.


Effective airborne particulate management will vary by each particular manufacturing process which can be wide ranging when looking at the educational sectors. We provide effective products for the following and more.

Automotive Training Centres
Welding Training Centres
Construction Training Centres
Woodworking Colleges


iXtract offers a comprehensive range of extraction products designed to combat the various airborne particulates prevalent in the educational sectors.

Downdraught Bench with Fan

Downdraught Benches with integrated fan makes for a convenient, all in one solution, for workspace dust and fume extraction.

Downdraught Bench with Integrated Fan
3 variations

Dry-back Spray Booth

Capture paint fumes easily and safely

Dry-back Spray Booth
5 variations

F-Series Centrifugal Fans

Energy saving and high performance centrifugal fans

F-Series Centrifugal Fans
15 variations

Oil Mist Filter

Oil Mist Filter System designed for the capture of metalworking fluids

Oil Mist Filters
11 variations

Wet Collector

Capture and filter fine dust & fume particles safely and effectively

5 variations

Wood Dust Collector

Safely collect and filter varieties of wood dust.

Wood Dust Collector
4 variations

Shaker Filter

Effective solution for filtering wood dust particulates

Shaker Filter
3 variations

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