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iXtract delivers extraction solutions that provide a safe environment amidst the most demanding metal-cutting operations.


The collision of metal, fire, and human endeavour, while awe-inspiring, carries with it the burden of airborne pollutants, a concern that’s far from trivial. According to HSE (Health and Safety Executive), every year, 12,000 people in the UK die from lung diseases caused by past work exposures, a stark reminder of the invisible threat that looms in the air.

In the metal-cutting industry, the generation of harmful particulates is inevitable. They emanate from processes like scrap metal processing, furnace operations, and, of course, the cutting action itself. These airborne dangers pose a health risk to the workforce and contribute to environmental pollution. The emissions, loaded with potential toxicants like heavy metals, represent a significant occupational hazard.

iXtract stands at the forefront of confronting this threat. Our products are meticulously engineered to mitigate the risks associated with airborne pollutants in metal-cutting operations. The company’s wet collectors, for instance, can capture, filter and effectively ‘scrub’ combustible dusts, keeping both the employees and premises safe from the risk of fire.

By investing in advanced extraction technologies, we aim to drastically reduce the inhalation of harmful substances within metal-cutting facilities, contributing to a tangible decrease in the risk of occupational diseases. In a domain where every cut counts, ensuring that what is breathed in amidst the sparks and metal shards are clean and safe is a responsibility we hold dear.

Metal Cutting


Exploring the diverse particulates present in metal-cutting operations reveals the inherent risks and the nature of these airborne hazards. iXtract offers tailored products that provide a barrier against these occupational hazards.


Metal Dust

Despite its minuscule size, metal dust is a significant concern. The particles, when airborne, become a potential hazard to the respiratory system. The inhalation of metal dust over an extended period can lead to chronic respiratory conditions and, in severe cases, debilitating diseases. Moreover, metal dust, often containing heavy metals and other toxic elements, poses a formidable environmental challenge. When left unmanaged, metal dust can contaminate not only the air but also the soil and water, extending its impact beyond the confines of the workshop.



The importance of managing metal-cutting fumes cannot be overstated. Fumes generated during cutting, fettling, trimming, welding, grinding, deburring, polishing, buffing, etching and drilling are often contaminated with potentially harmful substances that can adversely affect the respiratory system. Moreover, long-term exposure to such fumes contributes to the alarming statistics of occupational lung diseases. For this reason, we adopt a holistic approach. iXtract focuses not only on developing superior fume extraction technology but also on fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility towards maintaining clean air in metal-cutting facilities.


Oil Mist

We understand that every cut and retouch is a step towards achieving operational excellence. However, this journey is often accompanied by the generation of oil mist, an aerosolised form of the lubricants and coolants used in metal-cutting operations. When inhaled, these tiny droplets can venture deep into the respiratory system, posing risks of lung problems and other health issues over time. Our range of extraction products are designed to capture oil mist at the source, drastically reducing airborne concentrations.


The metal-cutting industry is a conduit through which visions in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and beyond are translated into tangible objects. iXtract fosters progress by uniting every issue towards a shared aspiration, despite their distinct challenges. Our unwavering commitment is to promote a healthier, safer, and ecologically responsible operational landscape for all sectors.

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Through innovation and a profound understanding of the market’s demands, iXtract guides the metal-cutting industry towards a future where air purity is a standard, not an inconvenience. Below are some premier products that pave the way towards realising this aspiration.

Oil Mist Filter

Oil Mist Filter System designed for the capture of metalworking fluids

Oil Mist Filters
11 variations

Wet Collector

Capture and filter fine dust & fume particles safely and effectively

5 variations

F-Series Centrifugal Fans

Energy saving and high performance centrifugal fans

F-Series Centrifugal Fans
15 variations

Downdraught Bench

Downdraught Benches are the ideal solution for workspace dust and fume extraction.

Downdraught Bench - 1.2m
3 variations

Downdraught Bench with Fan

Downdraught Benches with integrated fan makes for a convenient, all in one solution, for workspace dust and fume extraction.

Downdraught Bench with Integrated Fan
3 variations

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