Wet Collector

Capture and filter fine dust & fume particles safely and effectively

iXtract high quality wet collectors are the ideal solution for filtering and collecting combustible dust and fumes from metalworking processes such as grinding, fettling, linishing, de-burring, polishing and trimming. Our range of wet collectors adopt a scrubbing' motion to wet, capture and filter fine dust from the air stream including flammable dust.


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Highly Effective Capture

iXtract wet collectors are highly effective in capturing fine dust and submicron particles that can be challenging for other dust collection methods. The built-in efficiency ensures a cleaner and safer working environment.

Fire and Explosion Prevention

iXtract wet collectors provide an added layer of safety by reducing the risk of fires and explosions. The moisture in the collection process can help prevent combustible dust from igniting - an ideal solution for industries where dust explosions are a concern.


Reduced Maintenance

iXtract Wet collectors have fewer components and moving parts than typical dry dust collectors resulting in lower maintenance requirements and longer equipment lifespan. Benefit from reduced downtime and overall maintenance costs.

Easy To Use

Odor and Gas Control

Beyond dust removal, iXtract wet collectors are capable of effectively capturing and neutralizing odorous gases and toxic fumes. This makes them invaluable in industries such as chemical manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and metalworking, where the control of noxious odors and harmful emissions is essential

Inspection Window

Built in inspection window for easy viewing access - ideal for installation purposes. Also includes a impeller rotation sticker to ensure proper use.

Built in Handles

Solid easy grip handles for easy internal access, maintenance and cleaning.


Adjustable Feet

Adjustable feet to optimise stability, alignment and height for the wet collector in different environments.


Drain Valve

Secure valve to easily dispense of water in the tank.

Access Hatch

Easy to open access hatch for easy maintenance and servicing of the wet collector.

Fork Lift Pockets

Built in forklift pockets designed to make installation or removal as easy as possible.

Rear Inlet

Rear ducting inlet designed for 300m diameter ducting. Ducting can be purchased from our sister company http://iduct.co.uk.

Acoustic Foam

To help reduce the amount of noise the machine makes we have included highly effective acoustic foam to dampen the sound made from the wet collector.

Self Filling Ball Valve

Safely and carefully adjust the amount of water in the wet collector by utilising the built in self filling ball valve.

Water Overflow Inlets & Outlets

Easily fill the wet collector with the built in hose connection. A convenient overflow outlet is also ensure the collector is not overfilled.

Filter Cartridge

Our highly effective Cartridge Filter is designed to be easily removed and replaced when necessary .

Technical Specifications


O&M Manual

Access the O&M Manual for this product in our customer area – iXtract hub.

Data Sheet

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Sludge Rake

Collect wet dust and other 'sludge'

Exterior Frost Thermostat

Thermostat to prevent frost and freezing for outdoor installation

Biocide Tablets

High Quality Biocide Tablets

Heater Element

Heater Element for Wet Collector

Sludge Bin

Sludge Waste Bin for Wet Collector

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Wet Collector - Air Flow Diagram


How do wet collectors work

The wet collector uses centrifugal forces to pull both contaminated air and water up through a series of fixed baffles (or also commonly known as scrubbers) from the water chamber located at the bottom of the unit. Baffles are shaped as curved blades and as high-velocity air flows through the system, a scrubbing liquid solution curtain (consisting of thousands of water droplets) is created and captures even very finest dust particles. The scrubbing solution is made up of a mix of water and a biocide to help prevent against legionnaires’ disease.

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Wet Collector

Our range of wet collectors is one of the safest solutions for filtering and collecting combustible dust and fumes

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