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The path to maintaining a vehicle in peak condition is as much an art as it is a science, requiring precision, expertise and attention to detail. Garages and vehicle repair stations are critical guardians of this process. Yet, as they diagnose, repair, and enhance vehicle performance, they also face the challenge of managing the emissions of airborne contaminants, a significant concern for worker health and environmental safety.

Exhaust examination, bodywork and spray painting are among the primary sources of air pollutants in these settings. The implications of these contaminants are far-reaching, risking the health of mechanics and technicians and posing a potential barrier to environmental compliance.

In the UK, thousands of workers across various industries face work-related respiratory ailments annually, with those in the vehicle exhaust servicing sector being particularly vulnerable. Isocyanates, chemicals often used in spray paints, are responsible for around 15% of all occupational asthma cases.

iXtract is at the forefront of redefining air quality management in the automotive market. Designed with precision, our products target the specific pollutants inherent to vehicle maintenance tasks.

Our Hose Reel kits, for instance, feature a versatile lightweight frame suitable for both wall and ceiling installation. The kit includes a hose with a hose stop and clamp, and offers the convenience of being operated by spring recoiled return unit for self-retraction. These kits are designed to efficiently manage your workshop space by keeping the extraction hose neatly stored away when not connected to the vehicles.

By fusing state-of-the-art technology with state-of-the-art designs, we drastically minimise the presence of hazardous airborne contaminants, promoting a cleaner workspace aligned with the industry’s best practices.

With iXtract, service garages and vehicle repair workshops are not just meeting the immediate demands of air quality regulation. They are also paving the way towards a future where sustainability and the well-being of every mechanic and technician are integral to every innovation and service rendered.




Airborne particulates are formidable challenges. These microscopic fragments, ranging from metal shavings and plastic fibres to chemical aerosols, harm workers and vehicles. They often include metal dust from grinding and polishing, fibreglass and plastic particles from vehicle bodywork, paint aerosols and solvent vapours from spray painting, and rubber dust from tyre and gasket processing. By deploying advanced filtration products, we can significantly reduce these particulate levels.



Fumes, primarily from welding, painting, and adhesive applications, pose significant health risks to employees. Examples include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from paint and solvents; welding fumes containing a complex mix of metallic oxides, silicates, and fluorides; and exhaust emissions produced during vehicle testing and tuning.
Effectively managing these fumes is crucial for employee safety and environmental compliance. That's why using advanced fume extraction products from iXtract is essential in capturing these hazardous emissions.


Metal Dust

Metal dust is another invisible threat present in the automotive industry. Despite its grandiose name, these fine particles of metals floating in the air are actually extremely harmful. The inhalation of this dust – mainly arising from cutting, grinding and polishing processes common in this economic sector – can cause everything from mild respiratory problems and skin irritation to severe diseases that can even be fatal in the long run. Minimising the production of these particles in the automotive industry is difficult and costly, as they are created or found during activities intrinsic to the sector. However, it is possible to capture, filter or renew the contaminated air using extraction and filtration products from iXtract.


These fine particles, typically originating from spray painting, coating applications and lubrication processes, can penetrate the lungs and cause respiratory issues. Key sources include spray paint mists from vehicle body painting, lubricant sprays used in assembly and maintenance, and coating aerosols from surface finishing processes.
Implementing sophisticated air filtration systems can dramatically reduce aerosol concentration, making workplaces safer and healthier.


The automotive industry is dynamic and diverse. Still, while there may be a myriad of solutions to address air quality issues in various issues, one thing remains clear: ensuring high levels of clean air is not just a matter of complying with legal requirements. It’s about prioritising the well-being of workers and the planet. iXtract’s products offer tailored solutions to complex problems, ensuring safer and more efficient work environments. Here’s a closer look at key automotive issues where iXtract’s filtration technology excels.

Automotive Repair
Body Shops
Lube Stations
Tyre Services
Diagnostic Services
Electrical Services
Performance Tuning


Navigating the automotive industry’s complex environment requires robust and precise solutions to safeguard air quality and worker safety. iXtract’s offerings are meticulously engineered to meet the specific needs of garages and vehicle repair workshops, ensuring efficient extraction of harmful pollutants and adherence to health regulations. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we equip these workplaces with the tools they need to maintain a clean, health-conscious, and productive atmosphere.

Motorised Hose Reel Kit

Complete Motorised Hose Reel Kit for Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Motorised Ducting Reel
7 variations

Spring Hose Reel Kit

Manual drop-down hose reel kit with spring return.

Spring Hose Reel Kit
7 variations

Clamp-On Nozzle – With Damper

An oval rubber nozzle that is complete with heavy duty exhaust pliers and damper.

Clamp-On Exhaust Nozzle - Direct Fit - Damper
4 variations

X Clamp-On Nozzle with Damper

An oval rubber nozzle that is complete with heavy duty exhaust pliers and damper.

4 variations

Free Standing Nozzle

Flexible solution to help remove vehicle exhaust fumes - ideal for MOT bays,

Free Standing Nozzle
3 variations

F-Series Centrifugal Fans

Energy saving and high performance centrifugal fans

F-Series Centrifugal Fans
12 variations

EPDM Rubber Crushproof Exhaust Hose

Flexible & Durable Exhaust Hose

EPDM Rubber Crushproof Exhaust Hose
3 variations

High Temperature 1100⁰C Exhaust Hose

Durable exhaust hose, suitable for temperatures up to 1100⁰C

7 variations

High Temperature 450⁰C Exhaust Hose

Durable exhaust hose, suitable for temperatures up to 450⁰C

7 variations

High Temperature 650⁰C Exhaust Hose

Durable exhaust hose, suitable for temperatures up to 650⁰C

7 variations

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