Innovative Air Quality Solutions for Manufacturing

From raw materials to refined products, we provide solutions to air quality problems to ensure a cleaner and safer manufacturing environment.


In the manufacturing industry, maintaining a protective environment is not merely a standard, it is a duty. However, in the UK alone, 440,000 workers are still being exposed to dangerous levels of airborne hazards and pollution in manufacturing facilities. This situation affects the employees’ health and adversely impacts production quality and profit margins. iXtract is actively challenging this reality.

We do it by delivering superior dust & fume filtration products meticulously engineered to cater to the diverse and demanding conditions of the manufacturing sector. Our extraction products, for instance, are tailored for industrial utilisation and can remove up to 99.9% of particulate matter. Using HEPA filter technology, they can also filter particles as small as 0.3 microns. Each unit boasts a purification capacity of up to 20,000 cubic metres per hour. For larger scale requirements, multiple units can be integrated, enhancing the overall purification capability to meet your specific needs.

iXtract’s products are crafted with a strong emphasis on efficiency, durability and the paramount goal of safeguarding human and environmental health.

We deliver products that combine cutting-edge technology, robustness and highly modular design. Our well-rounded approach encompasses a thorough understanding of the manufacturing sector’s intricacies, enabling us to design products that meet and exceed regulatory compliance. Consequently, our clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Our ethos originates from the conviction that a healthy working environment is a catalyst for heightened productivity and a substantial contribution towards a more sustainable manufacturing footprint.



Airborne particulates are a silent yet potent adversary, posing substantial risks not only to the health and well-being of personnel but also to the quality of products and operational efficiency. Particulate matter comprises a diverse array of microscopic particles and droplets that are suspended in the air, such as:



Industrial fumes often arise from welding, cutting, or chemical processes. They are a mix of hazardous substances that can permeate the air, posing serious health risks to individuals and potentially leading to chronic respiratory conditions. Our filtration products, such as our reverse pulse filters, are meticulously engineered to capture and filter fumes, ensuring a significant reduction in pollutants and fostering a healthier work environment.



Dust particles, whether originating from material handling, grinding, or other mechanical processes, are a persistent concern in manufacturing facilities. They not only pose respiratory hazards but also contribute to product contamination. iXtract’s robust filtration products, including the Wet Collector and Shaker Filter, are capable of trapping and containing these contaminants, ensuring a safe and compliant manufacturing environment.



Liquid particulates, like oil mists, droplets or aerosols, are a byproduct of processes like cooling, spraying, drilling or dissolving. They can carry dangerous substances, thereby posing risks. Our products are specifically designed to deal with liquid particulates, efficiently capturing and containing them, thus mitigating potential hazards and ensuring our clients adhere to regulatory standards.


The essence of effective airborne particulate management transcends generic solutions and demands tailored approaches that address the specific nuances of each problem. Our filtration products are not a one-size-fits-all. They are meticulously engineered to meet the distinct demands of various industry problems, such as:

Chemical Processing
Food & Beverage


iXtract takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of extraction products designed here in Britain, to combat a myriad of airborne particulates prevalent in industrial landscapes.

Wet Collector

Capture and filter fine dust & fume particles safely and effectively

5 variations

Oil Mist Filter

Oil Mist Filter System designed for the capture of metalworking fluids

Oil Mist Filters
11 variations

F-Series Centrifugal Fans

Energy saving and high performance centrifugal fans

F-Series Centrifugal Fans
12 variations

Reverse Pulse Filter – Horizontal

Solution for the filtration of dry particles such as welding fumes and grinding dust.

Reverse Pulse Filter - Horizontal
7 variations

Downdraught Bench

Downdraught Benches are the ideal solution for workspace dust and fume extraction.

Downdraught Bench - 1.2m
3 variations

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