Reverse Pulse Filter – Vertical – Compact Integrated Fan

A compact filtration system designed to cope with heavier and larger volumes of dust particles with built in fan.

The iXtract vertical compact reverse pulse filter is an air filtration system designed to remove dust and particulate matter from industrial processes. It employs a reverse pulse cleaning mechanism, firing pulses of compressed air down the filter cartridges to dislodge and collect accumulated contaminants, ensuring continuous and efficient operation. The gravitational pull by placing the filters in a vertical position ensures higher efficiency when filtering larger particulates and volumes of dust. The built in integrated fan makes this a convenient all one in one filtration solution.


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Compact Footprint

Compact Footprint

The compact Verticle Reverse Pulse Filters are designed to be as space saving as possible and to be used in a variety of environments. Their vertical orientation allows for installation in limited space, making them suitable for industries where space is at a premium.

Fans & Controls

Built in Fan

Integrating our F-series Fans with our Reverse Pulse Filters creates an all in one dust and fume filtration solution that is ready to go.

Continually Operating

Continuous Operation

iXtract Verticle Reverse Pulse Filters are designed for continuous operation, ensuring that production processes can run without interruption. The reverse pulse cleaning system helps maintain filter performance by periodically dislodging and removing accumulated dust, extending the filter's lifespan and reducing downtime.

High Filtration Efficiency

High Filtration Efficiency

Our range of filters offer excellent filtration efficiency, and are particularly effective at removing submicron particles, ensuring a clean and safe working environment. This high efficiency results in improved indoor air quality and reduced environmental impact.

Collection Tray

Collection Tray

Heavy duty collection tray for easy waste disposal.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Recessed panel which provides easy, safe and convenient access to the pneumatic cleaning controls.



Easily replaceable filter cartridge.

Lifting Eyes

Lifting Eyes

Built-in lifting eyes to assist with installation positioning.

Durable Paint

Powder Coated Durable Paint

All of our units are powder coated making it incredibly durable and long lasting.

Filter Door

Filter Access Door

Easy access doors for regular filter replacement and maintenance.

Integrated centrifugal Fan

Integrated Fan

Integrated iXtract centrifugal fan.

Technical Specifications


O&M Manual

Access the O&M Manual for this product in our customer area – iXtract hub.


Explore our range of accessories available for the verticle reverse pulse filters

200L Extended Bin

Reverse Pulse Filter - Horizontal - Accessory - RPF-BIN
Large capacity bin - must be used with extended leg version of the reverse pulse filters

90° Square to Square

Reverse Pulse Filter - Horizontal - Accessory - RPF-H-90DEG-STR
90 degree bend to square flange for changing direction of airflow for a reverse pulse filter system

Bin Packers

Packers for bin - 3 mm

Explosion Panel – 2-4 Bank

Explosion relief panel for 2 to 4 bank reverse pulse filter

Explosion Panel – 6-10 bank

Explosion relief panel for a 6-10 bank reverse pulse filter

Inlet/Outlet Connection

Easy connect to a circular ducting system

Main Unit Packers

Main Unit Packers

Nano Fibre Celulose Filter

Nano Fibre Celulose Filter for reverse pulse filters

Polyester Antistatic Filter

High Quality Dust Filter

Polyester Filter

Polyester high quality filter for reverse pulse filters

PTFE Filter

Teflon coated filter for reverse pulse filters

Rotary Valve

Easily separate larger dust particles

Square Bags

Reverse Pulse Filter - Horizontal - Accessory - RPF-SB
Heavy Duty bags that sit inside collection bins for easy waste disposal for the reverse pulse filters

Square to Round

Square to Round
Square to Round transition fitting

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